Portfolios allow users to group specific projects for more convenient tracking and reporting. Most commonly, it is used to group projects by Client and by Regions, Countries, or Locations.


  1. From the left navigation bar, click Portfolios. On the Listing Page, click on Create Portfolio on the top right corner.

  2. You'll be prompted to give your Portfolio a name and specify whether it is a Client Portfolio (linked to a specific Client and all the projects they have with you) or a My Portfolio (can be any projects despite the client). You will also need to specify the base currency.

  3. Once you hit Create, it will take you to the Summary page of your Portfolio. You will first need to add Projects to this Portfolio by going to the Projects tab, and clicking Add Projects. Here, you can search or filter for the Projects you'd like to add. If you selected Client Portfolio, then only that Client's project would be available to add.

  4. Click the checkbox and hit Save. This will add those checked Projects to this Portfolio!

  5. Once added, you'll now be able to see a snapshot of your Portfolio on the Summary page

  6. You can also see the Funding Sources for all of the listed Projects, as well as the Schedule for all of the Projects (if they are defined on a Project level).

  7. Within the Projects tab, you'll also see that you are able to view Projects by Tags, Locations, and Currency. These attributes are all defined on a per-project level, within the Project Settings.

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