Owner’s Rep App Mirroring Project Financials with Owner App

For third-party Owner’s Rep firms utilizing the platform, this new enhancement will allow the mirroring of all financial data*, associated financial hyperlinks, and attachments with the on-system Owner App via their workspace. These enhancements include:

  • Project Dashboard

  • Master Budget / ACR (financial page)

  • Bid Packages

  • Contract Administration (Contracts and Change Orders)

  • Billings and Invoices

* Please note that certain Project Management functionality (i.e., Meeting Minutes, Task / Risk Issues, and Document Storage) can be shared in the current state of the platform by adding the Owner as a member to these items.

For shared data (i.e., bid packages, contracts, change orders, invoices, etc.), the system will denote a yellow banner to the Owner that the information is being shared and managed from the Owner’s Rep App as follows:

Owner’s Rep App Contract Structure for My Contract (Advisor, Agent, or Principal)

When opening a contract in the Owner’s Rep App, the Owner’s Rep will have the ability to determine the applicable contract structure. The contract structure options include Advisor, Agent, or Principal and the determining the contract hold (Owner or Owner’s Rep). Along with the following feature enhancement identified below, this enhancement will lay the foundation for delivering projects via these contract structures.

Owner’s Rep App Ability to Manage Subconsultants/Subcontractors

In the Owner’s Rep App, new functionality to bid, contract, invoice, and manage subconsultants /subcontractors associated with the delivery of the Owner’s Rep services. This enhancement will allow the Owner’s Rep to manage subconsultant/subcontractor via a separate financial page (My Contract Budget). Along with the contract structure enhancements identified above, this feature lays the foundation for delivering principal model projects.

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