Understanding Jobsite Locations
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Jobsite Locations allow you to add specific locations unique to your Project so that you may reference them on an RFI, a Task, or a Punch item.


Adding Jobsite Locations

  1. Within your Project, using the drop-down navigation menu, click Project Settings

  2. Within Project Settings, click Jobsite Locations

  3. You can manually add Parent Locations, then break it down from there by clicking on the upper right corner button, filling out the location name and clicking the green check mark.

  4. Or, you can import locations by filling out the template provided, and uploading it.

Note: You can archive locations by clicking on the box icon on the right hand side next to the location you'd like to archive.

Referencing Jobsite Locations on RFIs, Tasks, and Punch Items

On each of these modules, there will be a field for selecting Jobsite Locations. Click on this hyperlink, and a new modal will pop up allowing you to select the appropriate location.

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