Starting a Feasibility Study

  1. Within a new project without an approved budget, use the drop-down navigation menu and select Master Project Budget / ACR.

  2. You will be prompted to select between creating one budget or starting a feasibility study. If you would only like to create one budget, you can follow these instructions here. To start a feasibility study, follow the steps below:

    Tip: If you already have an unapproved budget loaded in, you will have to click Actions > Start Feasibility Study

  3. Provide an ID and a name for the first budget option. You can also add a description, address, or upload any files.

  4. You will then be prompted to select a template for the cost codes. If one or more Budget Options will have some cost codes that others would not, make sure you select a template that has a comprehensive list of what you would need to do a feasibility study. Alternatively, you can always add a cost code after you select a template by clicking on the three dots on an option card and selecting Add Cost Code.

  5. From here, you can begin to build out the budget by clicking on the various line items within your budget option.

  6. You can continue to add more budget options by clicking on the top right corner Create New Budget Option.

Quick Tip: Click on the three dots to the right of the Budget Option title to edit or view information, hide, duplicate, add cost code, or delete. You can also set the master budget using this modal.

Setting the Master Budget

1. Once you complete your feasibility study and decide on which option to move forward with, click on the three dots on the selected option card, and click Set as Master Budget.

2. A pop-up modal will appear and you will be prompted to confirm.

Quick Tip: As long as your budget is not approved, you can continue to add new budget options or change the master budget! Note that any changes you make within the master budget after selecting it, will not reflect back on the feasibility planning tab and vice versa.


If you are not seeing the option to start a feasibility study, visit Project Settings > Budget / ACR and make sure the option for feasibility study is toggled on. By default, this option will be toggled on.

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