Welcome to Keep Being INGENIOUS, the fabulous newsletter about the shiniest new features and enhancements to our dynamic and constantly improving platform. We are thrilled to share what we've been up to recently — this time, we've added some bells and whistles to our Budgeting feature! Drumroll please….

Budgeting for General Contractors just got easier!

GCs, this one is for you! You will now be able to assign cost codes to your Main Contract without those associated values populating as committed costs, making it easier for you to manage your budget with your Client and Subcontractors while tying them into the same cost code! If the budget for a given cost code exceeds what was specified on the Main Contract, you will receive an instant warning, saving you time by double-checking those costs. No overspending here! 🙅‍♀️

Say goodbye to PDF exports and printers... You can now digitally sign your Lien Waivers!

*🎤 drop* That’s it; that’s literally the update here. Sign away!

You can now approve your Budgets in phases ✨

Have you ever thought: how nice would it be if I could have a history of how my Project Budget evolved through the various design and construction phases? So have we! You will now be able to select between a phased or final approval when submitting your Budget for approval. A phased approval will not lock down the budget after approval and will allow for further evolution of the budget without having to make formal "Budget Changes." If phased approval is selected, then the history of all approved or rejected phases will be available on the Budget Phases tab.

You can also submit Budget Options from Feasibility studies as a phase of the budget for approval allowing you to easily take the budget through feasibility and into implementation along the entire lifecycle of the Budget.

Many of these changes were based on your direct feedback as our valued customer. So don't be shy, drop us a "hey" 👋 and let us know what you think!

INGENIOUS.BUILD Customer Success Team


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