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Full Contract Document management within INGENIOUS is here!

Going live this Wednesday, 11/2, users will now be able to fully manage their contract documents from the redline draft through contract execution. Start with our new Contract Documents tool within List and Templates. Perfect the formatting and add variables to create all of the custom contract documents you need. From there, users will be able to select their contract document templates for all on-system contracts and collaborate with all other parties within the contract. Through our redlining process, contract parties will be able to send the contract document back and forth to one another, make edits, and highlight text to add comments ALL within INGENIOUS.

Our versioning tool will keep track of all edits that are made complete with a timestamp and the user that made the changes. After both parties are satisfied with the contract documents, both parties will be able to utilize our approval workflows in order to get the contract approved and ready for signature. Once approved, both parties will be able to exchange signatures on-system, without ever having to take the document out of INGENIOUS. BOOM, you now have an executed contract. The new Contract Documents tool is the Pick of the Patch! 🎃

Within Drawings, specify your markup visibility to only within your Workspace, or to your Project Directory

When you create markups on your Drawing sheets, you can now specify whether you’d like to share with all members within your Project Directory, or only within your Workspace. By default, all markups will be visible only to your own Workspace so that you can collaborate more efficiently with your internal employees as well as your external contacts! You can change markup(s) visibility by selecting the applicable ones and clicking the settings icon.

Tie your Project Submittals directly to your uploaded Specification Set!

Do you have to go into your Specification sections and write your corresponding Submittal numbers to make sure you’ve covered all the requirements? Do you have to go back and forth between your Submittal records and the Specifications to make sure you are submitting the correct product data? SAY NO MORE. You can now tie your Project Submittals directly to your Specification Set! You can either highlight text within a section to create a submittal or, add text directly while creating the submittal.

Many of these previous changes were based on your direct feedback as our valued customer. So don't be shy; drop us a "hey" 👋 and let us know what you think!

INGENIOUS.BUILD Customer Success Team


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