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Contract Documents, Auto-linking Drawing Sheets

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This is SNAZZY. Quickly locate drawing docs with our Auto-linking Drawing Sheet!

Upload a drawing set and let us automatically hyperlink your sheets! Within each drawing sheet, if another sheet within the set is referenced for a cross section or a connection detail, you will now be able to click into the hyperlink which will open up a new window and direct you to that sheet. This helps save you time from manually scrolling and looking for those pages within the set.

Add Internal Notes to your Contract Documents!

Now available within Contract Documents is the ability to add Internal Notes. To add an internal note to a contract document, simply highlight the text of the contract and press "Add Internal Note". Contrary to the existing comments functionality, Internal Notes are shared only within your company. Users will be able to tag anyone from their company that has access to that contract and leave them a note. Collaborate efficiently with your coworkers by suggesting edits to contract documents LIVE!

Letter of Intent Templates have a new home!

Users can now create and find all of their Letter of Intent templates located within Contract Documents in List and Templates. Check out the new look and feel of Letter of Intent Templates including enhanced formatting options and new variables! Once you have created your templates, head over to a contract to issue your Letter of Intent and take advantage of our new Contract Document tools.

Many of these previous changes were based on your direct feedback as our valued customer. So don't be shy; drop us a "hey" πŸ‘‹ and let us know what you think!

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