In construction management, meeting minutes are a record of the key points discussed during meetings. These meeting minutes are used as an agreement prior to completing the work performed. Users can add general details, attendees, topics, attachments, responses, schedule the next meeting and share meeting with attendees within Meeting Minutes.


Meeting Minute categories must be set at the company level prior to creating new meeting minute types. Any internal employee added to the selected project can create a new meeting as an originator.


  1. Select the project from the main dashboard or projects list

  2. Select the Meeting Minutes module from the project menu dropdown

  3. Click Add New Meeting or click the ➕ icon in the lower right corner to create a new meeting

  4. Enter the meeting minute subject details:

  • Subject: enter name of the type of meeting taking place. This meeting type will be visible as an existing meeting type to be used again in the future for this project.

  • Purpose: enter the goal or reason why the Meeting Subject exists

  • Date of 1st Meeting: Input date and time of the scheduled meeting

  • Frequency: specify the frequency that this meeting type will take place, if there is a chance that the meeting frequency could be inconsistent select 'Non-Recurring Meeting'

  • Location: enter physical location of the meeting and note for if it is remote

  • Conference Call: input phone number/ conference ID for the remote web meeting

  • Originator Company: Specify which company controls this Meeting Subject

  • Originator Contact: Specify who from the Originator Company will own the Meeting Subject (this User will be able to edit/manage/share the Meeting Minutes)

5. Click Save

The meeting subject will now be available in draft mode and also available as existing meeting subject that can be used as the 2nd iteration of that meeting subject.

The next steps will be to enter the general details, build the attendees list, enter topics and discussion items, add attachments, recipient responses, schedule the next meeting. and eventually share the meeting minutes with attendees.

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