Specification sets are processed on IngeniousIO to create specification set details that break down each specification individually. The Master Spec Format must be uploaded to utilize this feature. Once uploaded and processed, the specifications are used to name submittals.


  1. From your workspace main Dashboard page navigate to the Projects list and select the project you wish to add drawings to.

  2. Click the project navigation dropdown menu and select Specifications

  3. Click Add New Specification Set

  4. Choose to Upload New set or Choose from Existing
    Upload New: this will disregard any previously added specification set and add new
    Choose from Existing: this will allow you to add additional specifications to previously uploaded specifications sets (spec books)

Upload New Set

Select this option to upload a new set to your project. Select 'Choose from Existing' to bind/attache previously uploaded specification sets to newly uploaded sets.

  1. Name the Specification Set

  2. Upload the specification file (must be in the Master Format)

  3. Click Save

Choose from Existing

Choose to bind additional specification sets to an existing set that was previously uploaded and processed. All specifications available in your workspace are listed within the Specifications tab within the Projects dropdown on the left hand navigation.

What is OCR Processing?

OCR stands for "Optical Character Recognition." OCR is a technology that recognizes text within a digital image like a PDF and converts this information into a format for quick viewing and categorizing. In the instance of the specification set, the OCR will process every specification and convert them into segments that can be used to create Once the OCR has been processed and marked as 'Done', the specification set will be available.

View the Specifications

Click on the set > click Specifications to view the Specifications:

Next Steps

Create Submittals

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