1. Create the Quoted Items Template

  2. Select the project that will hold the Vendor Contract

  3. Create the Vendor Contract or Main Contract in Draft mode

  4. Select the Contract Type that matches the Quoted Items template type that was created in step 1 above:

5. On the Quoted Items page of the contract, click Load Template:

6. Select the Bid Quoted Item Template of your choice:

7. Choose to Append or Overwrite the Quoted Item Template to the contract:

  • Click Append if you would like to add additional quoted items on top of what has already been entered on the contract.

  • Click Overwrite if you would like to replace existing quoted items on the contract.

The Quoted Items from the template will now appear on the contract:

8. Match the imported quoted items to your project budget's cost codes and enter pricing for each line item:

The item value associated to each cost code will appear on the project budget as a committed cost once the contract is executed.

Next Step

Create and Execute Vendor Contract

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