There are several ways to deposit into the DeFi Smart Account:

πŸ”Ή Deposit directly by sending assets into the DSA address

πŸ”Ή Deposit using the GUI

πŸ”Ή Migrate positions into DSA

🟣 Polygon Accounts work in the same manner written below

Deposit directly into the DSA Address:

On the interface click the Deposit button and the Deposit tab will open.

β€ŒThis will display the DeFi Smart Account address in QR form. Assets can be deposited directly into the DSA address.


Things to Note:

  • The Instadapp GUI only displays a whitelisted set of tokens on the interface other tokens in the account will not be displayed, but any token can be withdrawn. (See Basic Connectors - Withdraw)

  • Some exchanges do not allow withdrawal to smart contracts, the DeFi Smart Account is a smart contract wallet so please make sure your exchange supports withdrawals to smart contract addresses.

Deposit using the GUI:


1) On the interface click the Deposit button and the Deposit tab will open.

2) The Deposit tab will open

3) Select the asset to be deposited

4) Enter the amount of the token to be deposited

5) Or click the Set Max button to deposit the entire available balance

6) Click Deposit to issue the transaction to deposit.

8) Confirm the deposit transaction on Metamask

9) Once the transaction confirms, the updated balance will be reflected on the interface

Migrate a position into DSA:

Instadapp can import your positions from protocols such as Compound, Maker and AAVE.


1) You can start a migration by entering the specific protocol tab.

2) Click on Strategies

3) Under Strategies there will be an option to migrate your position. To begin click Import Position

4) Instadapp contracts need permissions in order to perform the migration. Click the allowance button to grant permissions.

5) Confirm the permissions transaction on Metamask

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Each asset that is migrated will require a permission transaction. If three different tokens require migration then there will be three separate permission transactions.

6) Once all permissions have been granted, click Import to migrate the position

7) Confirm the migration transition on Metamask

8) Once the transaction confirms, the position will be imported into the DSA and reflected on the interface

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