Simulation Mode allows you to test different DApps and functions within Instadapp.

For New Users:

You can test the Instadapp platform without a creating an account.

👨‍🏫 A Web3 wallet like Metamask is required for the website to function properly.

1) Connect your wallet to the DApp

2) When you first connect and do not have an account you are taken automatically to the Create Account screen, click the 'Try Simulator Mode'

3) You will be prompted that Instadapp is in simulator mode. Click 'Acknowledge' to start.

Thats it! Your test Instadapp account is pre-loaded with 100 ETH and there is an additional 100 ETH to deposit if you need more 😉

👨‍🏫 You can also trade your test ETH for other tokens

4) Begin testing out the various DApps using your test ETH!

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For Existing Users:

Click on the Account page and you will find a ticker button to activate simulation mode.

You will receive 100 test ETH in your Instadapp account and the account will enter simulation mode for thirty minutes.

To exit the Simulation simply return to the account page and click the ticker button.

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