To create on account on Polygon you simply need to change the Ethereum network to the Polygon Network, and create an account as you would normally.

If you are using Metamask you may need to add the Polygon Network. Instadapp will automatically add this network. For more information on Network Settings see below:

🔹 Recommended Polygon RPC Settings
🔹 How to add Networks to Metamask using 1-click

On any Instadapp page find the network selection drop down and select Polygon

The dashboard will refresh and open Instadapp on Polygon. If you haven't created an account on Polygon the interface will ask you to create one. After the account creation confirms that's it! You now have an Instadapp Polygon DSA.

If this is your first Instadapp Account see below for more related articles and links to help you get started.

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👨‍🔬 Advanced Topics
🔸 You can transfer assets and Defi positions using Interop:

Now return to the Instadapp DApp, change the Metamask to Matic Network and you can create a new account on Polygon

Your new Polygon account is managed just like any other Instadapp account.

On the Authority Page you can see which accounts are on the polygon Network indicated with by the Polygon logo.

To switch back to a normal account simply select the Ethereum Mainnet Account, and Metamask will prompt you to switch networks.

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