There are a few ways to migrate and move assets into your Instadapp account on Polygon. If you need to migrate positions between Instadapp accounts you will need to have an account on both Ethereum and Polygon. If you need help creating an account on Polygon please see

🔹 How to create an Instadapp account on Polygon

Migrating Assets across Instadapp Accounts

The first method is to use the Matic Bridge built into Instadapp; this will migrate your balances from one Instadapp account into another Instadapp account on Polygon.

The second method is to use the Migration Bridge which will migrate both assets and liabilities. This can be used to migrate between protocols on different chains.

🔹 Migrating Balances using the Matic Bridge

🔹 Migrating AAVE positions between Ethereum and Polygon using the Migration Bridge

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