To begin you will need to create a Instadapp account on the Polygon Network. If you need help creating an account on Polygon please see the following article:

🔹 How to create an Instadapp account on Polygon

📺 Watch a video walk-through migrating from AAVE v.2 to AAVE Polygon

📝 Written Walk-through below ⬇

Locate the Polygon Migration page on the sidebar or click here

This is what the Polygon Migration page looks like:

First select the Migration type: Select Debt

Then select the Polygon Account you would like to migrate to.

This will migrate your AAVE supplied assets from the Ethereum network to the AAVE market on Polygon network.

Enter the assets and liabilities you would like to migrate. You can also click 'Set to Max' to move the entire position from AAVE v.2 into AAVE Polygon.

Once you are ready click the 'Cross Bridge' button and it will initiate the migration transaction.

Once the migration transaction is confirmed on Ethereum, the assets will appear on your Polygon Account within 15-30 minutes

On the AAVE page you will find your position. For AAVE Matic farming, tokens are accumulated automatically as you lend and borrow from AAVE. You will see your tokens on the main page see below;

📝 Other Things to Note:

  • The migration bridge is currently a one way bridge. You will need to unwind your debt positions on the Polygon side. We hope to release an update to allow migration of debt back to Ethereum.

  • Matic tokens are rewarded in 'Wrapped' form; this is similar to the Wrapped ETH token; due to popular demand: all claimed WMATIC is automatically converted to MATIC token when claimed.

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