Instadapp Governance

The Instadapp platform is in the process of becoming a fully decentralized platform. The Instadapp platform will migrate its contracts, and development to governance managed upgrade contracts.

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DSA Connect

The DSA-Connect framework allows DeFi Smart Accounts to access and interact with protocols similarly to users utilize Metamask. DSA-Connect will give DSA accounts access to more DApps buts also add redundancy as the wallet can be accessed from more interfaces.

👾 Github Repo:

Cross-Chain Migration

Instadapp maintains bridges that move of assets and liabilities from mainnet Ethereum to L2 and scaling solutions. The bridge supports moving assets between Instadapp accounts on different chains and can migrate a AAVE v.2 position from Ethereum into the AAVE-Polygon Market.

🔹 Migrating Assets to Polygon Network

L2 Liquidity Router

Instadapp is building infrastructure that will facilitate the movement and migration of assets and liabilities between various L2 and scaling solutions such as: Polygon, Optimism, and XDAI.

👨🏽‍🔬 Planned Development

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