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This article details payouts and withdrawals.

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IMPORTANT: A signed contract for withdrawal is generally processed within 24 hours from receipt during the working week - withdrawal requests made on the weekends or during a UK Bank Holiday ( will be processed on the first working day within 24 hours :-)

We understand that our traders have different preferences when it comes to withdrawing their funds. That's why we work with WISE and Coinbase to give you the choice.

Your first payout is 14 days after your first trade, then after your first payout/withdrawal you need to place another trade to qualify for a future payout/withdrawal, however you would only need to wait 7 days instead of 14 like your first trade.

You only wait 14 days for your first trade, every subsequent trade and payout will require a 7 day waiting time


You must meet the following criteria when making a payout/withdrawal request:

  1. You must have closed all open trades/positions on your account.

  2. A minimum payout request of $25.

  3. Your smart drawdown must be locked in (meaning you must have gained at least 5% profit on your account)


If your starting balance is $10k which then updates to $11k after placing some successful trades, you would be able to withdraw $1k, as the required 5% gain on your account (smart drawdown being locked) qualifies you for a payout - 5% gain on a $10k account is $10.5k. After making a payout our Smart Drawdown does not reset.

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