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Smart Accounts: Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Started
Smart Accounts: Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Started
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Smart Drawdown

Please familiarize yourself with how our smart drawdown works here:

This works similarly to normal Trailing Drawdown firms, our drawdown updates to -5% of your starting balance, this allows us to offer better prices and conditions such as no time limits on challenges, allowing you to relax, and not feel pressured on any of our challenges!

Our drawdown gives you more room than traditional trailing drawdown firms as we do not trail, in the traditional sense. Most firms that offer trailing drawdown will have a 5% or 6% maximum loss, and this trails every dollar you make. Whereas with our Smart Drawdown, you have up to a 10% Maximum Loss Limit, which is static until you are well into profit, keeping things nice and simple - smart Drawdown will never move until you make 5% or more on your account.

Just like traditional firms this does not move from this spot again which allows us to reduce our risk, and pass these benefits on to you as mentioned above! Larger profit splits, lower entry prices, faster scaling, no time limits, and the list goes on!

Daily Loss

You can find out how daily loss is calculated here:

You can remove the Daily Drawdown Limit after your first payout with us!

Account Rules

For all of our accounts rules, please visit our rules section on our FAQ page and select the account you would like to view the rules for, this can be found here:


For your first paid account, KYC must be complete, we've partnered with the largest KYC company in the world when it comes to this to ensure the smoothest completion, you can learn more here:

(This is only required when you set up your account!)


You can find out more about how our scaling works here:

Do get in touch with our customer support if you have further inquiries!

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