You need to follow the link and register a user account to get started.

Click to

or click button

2) Since the marketplace users are exclusively companies, you need to register your company. You will be guided through a convenient process, providing the data required for verification.

Click to Organisation - Add new organisation

or click button

3) Company registration

The registration process consists of four steps

  1. Company registration

  2. Contract person

  3. Verification

  4. Approval

  • At the first stage, you provide the necessary data and documents.

  • At the second stage, you provide contact data for a person with the right to sign contracts on behalf of your company.

  • At the third stage, Interlir specialists check your data, clarify details, if necessary, and approve access to the platform.

  • After receiving approval, the company becomes active, and you can start working on the platform.

To start the registration process, click the Start Registration button 

in the form that opens, you need to enter the details of the contact person, information about the company, and data for invoicing

In the second step, you need to provide more details about the person who has the power to sign a contract on a company's behalf.

Click on the "Add contact" button to proceed with data.

In the form that opens, you need to enter the details of the contact person's job title, role, date of birth, and address. You may also provide documents that prove the data provided above.

You need to provide documents that prove data provided in the form that opens, such as the power of attorney and company charter.

After you have provided all the necessary data, we check them for approval on the marketplace.

We may ask you for clarification during the verification of the provided data.

Once Interlir decides, The Platform will notify you by email, and notifications

Organisations list

You can always check which organizations are available and what their status is on the platform

Go to Profile --> Organisations

or click button

Invite users

You can always check which organizations are available and their status on the platform.

Click Profile-->Organisations-->Invite new member

In the form that opens, you can specify the user's email for sending the invitation.

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