To represent the IP network on the Interlier marketplace, it is necessary to prepare the network and transfer the rights to manage the network to the Interlier platform

To start the process, follow the link Menu -> Resource -> Inetnum

In the list of networks that opens, you will see IP networks already transferred for placement on the Interlayer marketplace.

To place a new IP network on the marketplace, click the Add Inetnum button

The process of adding a new IP network, you need to fill out a form to check the ownership of the network and indicate the conditions for renting IP networks

The process consists of 5 steps

1) Checking the network

2) Entering the terms of the contract

3) Checking the network

4) Signing a rental contract

5) Publishing on the marketplace

In the first step, enter Inetnum and click the Check button

If the database contains information about the entered Inetnum, click Next Step to proceed to entering data about the contract

In the second step, enter contract detail and click Next Step button

At the stage of entering the terms of the contract, you can specify :

  • is it possible to hand over networks with a breakdown into subnets

  • indicate the cost of a monthly rental for the network / 24

  • will you renew the contract after the end of the first period

  • rental period (6, 12, 24. months)

  • whether it is necessary to publish the network on the marketplace. if you will not publish the network on the marketplace, then you can send an offer to rent the entire network without sharing to one of the user

  • you can choose management method for your inetnum (currently only Interlir management is available)

after entering all the data, click the next step button

during the Check step, you cannot do anything and just wait until our specialist agrees

you will receive a notification by mail and notification after our specialist has coordinated your request

in the last step, you must sign a contract with Interlir GmbH for management and leasing on behalf of your company

to continue press the confirm button and sign

А form will open in which the parameters you entered are indicated and after clicking the button you will be sent a contract for signing

The contract will be sent via PandaDoc to your email

After that,

1) you can sign a contract,
2) add MNT-BY or MNT-LOW to interlir-mnt in RIR DB
3) and the network will be published on the marketplace.

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