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Community Guidelines
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InvestSky is dedicated to helping people start investing in a smart and easy way. To do this, we've created a space for a powerful community of like-minded peers, where every InvestSky user can exchange thoughts and ideas, share strategies, and give and receive feedback and support 👥. To keep this a safe and enjoyable space, please remember the ABCs of InvestSky's community behavior:

  1. Appreciate others 🫡. Practice respect and dignity towards fellow InvestSky community members, and avoid any activity that may lead to a negative experience for yourself or others. Make sure your actions and words do not incite conflict, aggression, violence, or trolling. Refrain from hate speech or any content involving judgment on other people's race, ethnicity, gender, religion, political views, or physical ability.

  2. Be yourself 🫵. Following our transparency principles, all InvestSky users go by their real names. We make sure only verified users who have successfully completed the KYC process are able to post content on our platform. We require all members to provide truthful information on their identity and/or financial skills. Do not deceive users by being someone or representing something else.

  3. Care for the community 👀. Help us keep InvestSky's community a healthy and beneficial place. If you come across a post, a comment, or a profile that you believe violates these guidelines, please report it to us either through the 'Report' button in the app, or by contacting us directly at If you come across content you don't like, yet it meets InvestSky's community policies, you have the option to unfollow or block the user who posted it to avoid any further interactions.

  4. Do not agitate or manipulate 🙅‍♂️. Do not provide investment advice to others, share strong opinions or call for direct action. Do not produce or share content aimed in an attempt to pump a stock or manipulate the markets. Likewise, make sure you take full responsibility for your own investment decisions, even when they happen as a result of following other members' actions or words. When sharing information please rely on publicly available data and info.

  5. Encourage transparency and meaningful interactions 😌. Our community members come from diverse backgrounds, and have different levels of financial proficiency, values, and beliefs. Remain constructive, and do your best to share and exchange ideas that are relevant, unbiased, and fact-checked. Do not spread fake information or untrue statements.

  6. Forgo spam ☝️. Refrain from posting or sharing any third-party ads or promotions without our prior consent. Do not post repetitive content or contact other members for commercial purposes.

By following these simple guidelines, you help us develop and grow a truly unique community of the new generation of MENA investors 🤝. We kindly remind you by using InvestSky you agree to these Community Guidelines and our Terms of Business. Also please refer to our Privacy Policy for further details.

We keep the right to remove posts and/or suspend accounts that violate these policies without prior notice.

Please note the information shared or views expressed by community members do not necessarily reflect the views of InvestSky and is not advice or a recommendation by InvestSky to buy or sell a particular security.

Get involved, contribute, share, learn and give back. And last but not least, enjoy! 🥳


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