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I’ve logged in and none of my bottles are there. Have I lost all my data?
I’ve logged in and none of my bottles are there. Have I lost all my data?
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Rest assured that your data is not lost. We store all data on Google Cloud and it has many layers of redundant back-up.

The most common reason you may not be seeing your bottles is that you logged into InVintory with the wrong login credentials and inadvertently created an account. For example, you may have initially signed up with your Apple ID and had all your bottles under that account. If you then try to log in with an email address and password, you may accidentally create a new (empty) account.

To quickly confirm you’re in the right account, you need to identify which method you used to sign up. You can do this by searching in your email accounts for the word “InVintory.” You should have received several emails from us when you first signed up, so if you find any of these emails, you’ll know you’ve identified the right email address. If it is a Gmail address, ensure you try “Sign in with Google” in addition to Sign in with email. If it is the email address associated with your Apple ID, ensure you also try “Sign in with Apple”.

If you’re certain you have identified the right email address or sign-in method and still don’t see your bottles, reach out to us at and we’ll get it sorted for you.

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