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How do I import a Collection?
How do I import a Collection?
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We offer an ability to import your collection either from an existing spreadsheet or if you already have an account created at Cellar Tracker or Vivino.

When uploading a spreadsheet, it is always best to transpose your information onto our template. This often results in a more accurate matching for the wines in your collection.

Importing your Collection can only be done through our web app at

Once logged into your account, by selecting the drop-down chevron at the top left beside your profile image, you will see an option to “Import Collection”

Once chosen, you will see a progress menu presented on the left and a guided selection on the right for importing.

Here, you will first choose if you are coming from Vivino, CellarTracker or from a Spreadsheet. Of course, you can also abandon this process by selecting “No, thanks”.

No matter by which process you choose, each flow will guide you on how to import. Continue to click on the right-side advance chevron to move through the screens.

Specifically, for the CellarTracker import process, because we want to minimize any chance for error, we ask that you watch and listen to the short 3.5-minute video presentation. While the process is quite simple, we have found that by fully understanding was is required helps to eliminate.

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