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How do I access My Profile?
How do I access My Profile?
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Accessing your Profile is important when you want to add or change any of the information about your account.

On the web app (go to you can access your profile by clicking on your profile image at the top left. If you have yet to upload a photo of yourself, it will appear as a grey circle beside which say Hello, “your name”). Once done, the first header option is Profile. It is under this tab that you can edit any field. You can also at a “Community Username” that you can utilize when creating Community Reviews. You can add a Biograph, change you name, your password and even your default currency. Once any change is made, it is important to end by clicking on the gold update button at the bottom right.

On the mobile app, you can access your Profile by again clicking on the profile image of yourself on the top left corner. Once done, you will next need to click on the gear icon in the top right. Once there you can edit your name, your username for community reviews, and your currency.

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