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How do I add Collaborators to my Collection?
How do I add Collaborators to my Collection?
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Adding a Collaborator to your Collection is a great way to let another person have various degrees of access to your collection. For example, a couple who shares a collection may want equal access. A wine manager may want a limited amount of access. With the Collaborator function, we have solved for this ability.

Adding a Collaborator to join your Collection can be done on either the web app or through your mobile device.

On the Web app:

  1. Go to the top left side and choose the drop-down menu from under your name. Then choose Settings.

  2. Once in the Settings window, go to My Collection, which is the second tab across the top.

  3. At the bottom right corner, you will find a gold button that allows you to Invite Collaborators.

  4. Once selected you will need to enter their e-mail address and then choose the level of Permission (see Permission Level definitions below).

  5. Once done, an e-mail will be sent to the recipient with a 6-digit code that they will be told to enter.

On the Mobile app:

  1. Tap on your Profile image in the top right of the Home screen.

  2. Under “My Collection”, you will see your name and the number of labels and bottles.

  3. Chose the 3 vertical dots on the right side of this tab. This will pull up a menu whereby you can select the second item, Collaborators.

  4. Once selected, there is an icon at the top right of a figure with a “+” button.

  5. Once selected, you can invite a collaborator by entering their email address and then assigning a Permission.

Permission Levels

There are four different Permission Levels for accounts:

  1. Owners: There can be only one owner of the collection. It is usually the person who initially signed up and is inviting others to join.

  2. Admin: An Admin can do everything an owner can do except removing the owner of the collection.

  3. Editor: An Editor can do everything an Admin can do except managing collaborators.

  4. Viewer: A Viewer can only view and find bottles in the collection. They cannot add, consume, or remove any bottles.

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