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How do I add a bottle to my Collection?
How do I add a bottle to my Collection?
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There are many ways to add bottles of wine to your collection. Of note, we do offer the ability to import your entire collection if you are coming from another software platform (please see “How to Import a Collection).

To add individual bottles of wine, the process varies slightly between the web app vs the mobile app.

For the web app (see (see simply go to the Collection tab (second tab on the left side menu bar). Once there, you will notice that you can search for any wine by typing the name in the search bar at the top right corner. We utilize a “Fuzzy Search” algorithm so as you type, you will see a number of choices populate the list, continue to type until your wine is shown. Of note, it may not always be the top wine. Please scroll through the entire list to see if your wine is in our database of over 1.5 million wine labels. Despite our sizable database, at time, there may be a new wine or simply one that we failed to add. In this case, you can still add it to your collection by clicking on the link at the bottom of the search list that says “Can’t find what you are looking for? Click to submit your wine. In doing so, a modal will appear that explains how best to submit your wine for review. You will be asked to enter the wine name, type and upload a front and back label image of the bottle. Once done, that label will appear in your collection but will be tag with a note that says it is in Review. One of our Sommeliers will then research your submission to verify it so that it can be made available to all.

On the mobile app, adding bottles is a little different. While we always strongly recommend that you search by typing the name of your wine in the search bar, we do offer the ability to take a photo of the front label. Our photo image recognition software will then do its best to match. Problems can occur with bottles that have a lot of reflective surfaces or whereby the label has changed colors. Nevertheless, the photo recognition software can provide a good way to add a bottle of wine especially when the name of the wine might not be clear. Our software will also recognize the vintage of the bottle if it an be clearly seen.

To add a bottle, select the gold search button at the center bottom of the mobile screen. The cursor will default on the Search bar, but you can always use your thumb to press on the conveniently placed camera button. Once the camera button is pressed, you can take a photo or even upload an image from your gallery on your phone. When the image is captured, you will be asked if you would like to Use Photo. You can confirm, retake, or cancel the capture. One you confirm, you will be presented with the most likely choice. If it is correct, click on the “Yes, Continue” button. If it is not the correct wine, choose the” No” button. Once the “No” button is chosen, you will be presented with several possible other choices. If you see the correct wine, simply choose it. If it is still not there, please choose the button at the bottom of the screen to “Search Manually”.

Once the correct wine is found, you will be brought to the wine label screen. Here, you can tap on the label image, and it will expand. You can also see a rating for a bottle (an average of many professional raters) as well at the average price for that wine (if we have it). Next, you can choose the Vintage. By default, it will show the vintage that that our photo recognition software interpreted. If it is incorrect, you can choose from any other vintage.

Below, there are four option that are available. You can Add, Remove Locate or Shop for this wine. For the purposes of this help article, we will focus on Add.

When you click on the Add button, a pop-up menu will appear that allows you to add the bottle to your Transit List (if you bought it for future delivery), your Memory list (to capture all your wine experiences), your Wishlist (for wines you would like to buy one day) or to your Collection List.

We will focus on adding to your Collection list. Once chosen, you can adjust the vintage (if needed), choose the quantity, bottle size, cellar (if you have more than one), bottle location (enter custom text), purchase date purchase location (uses google maps. As well you can store favorites), purchase price (you can adjust the currency), add Tags (customized attributes of that wine, such as gift, auction wine, do not drink, etc.). Lastly, you can enter any Personal Notes you would like to be associated with this wine. Once done, simply click on the gold button at the bottom “Add to Collection”.

As mentioned above, we strongly encourage to search manually by typing the name of the wine into the search bar. Again, here we use a Fuzzy Search algorithm so as you type, your wine label should appear. Again, if the wine is not in our database, you can select the gold button at the very bottom to “Add to our Database”. You can take a photo of the front and back label chose from the Gallery. It is important to take the best photo possible. Straight edges, good lighting and clear text make for the best submissions.

Another very important feature allows you access our Quick Actions section on the home page of the mobile app that allows you to quickly Add bottles. Once clicked, you can add by Searching the Database or Scanning the front labels. Using this feature allows you to quickly add a number of different bottles at the same time.

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