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How do I Remove bottles from my Collection?
How do I Remove bottles from my Collection?
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Removing a bottle can mean many different things to different people. For example, are you simply removing the bottle from the slot that it is located in or are you intending to permanently delete the bottle from ever existing (an error in entry)? Is it because it was consumed, broken, or sold? Luckily, our platform deals with all these situations.

On the web app (see, you can select any bottle to Remove by first selecting the wine label from your collection that you would like to perform this function on. Once the label view is open on the right side, you will find the Remove button just below the name of the wine. Once selected, you will be able to show a list of all the bottles you have of that label and vintage. Select one or more and then select the check mark (remove) in the top right corner. A modal will open that will give you one of six choices for removal. (Consumed, Expired, Sold or Traded, Broken, Gifted, Delete).

Selecting Consumed will enable our Consumed flow whereby you will be asked to rate how you enjoyed the wine and if you would buy it again. You can then also mark the consumed date, any Tasting attributes (Sensory, Structure), write a Community Review or even a Private Note. Be aware that if you have written a Private Note prior on this same bottle you can view Previous Notes by selecting the this from the top right corner of the Private Notes text box. As well, many people do not want to necessarily write a consumption note at the time they are enjoying the wine. In this case, instead of going through the consumed flow, you can select “Remind me Later” from the bottom left and you will then be given an opportunity to complete the note on the next day or another time of your choosing.

For all other Remove bottle options (Expired, Sold or Traded, Broken, Gifted) a Note window will be available for you to write down any comments that you want to remember about that event.

Choosing Delete will permanently delete the bottle from your collection.

For all the Removal options above, you can view the activity on the Home Page by going to the tile under Bottle Management that is called “History Removed”. In doing so, you can undo any of the above Removal activities by first selecting the bottle and then hovering over the edit button (3 vertical dots). Here you can unconsumed bottle, Edit the consumed flow information, Edit the details of the bottle.

On the mobile app, a quick way to remove a bottle is to left swipe then entry on the collection list. Just like the web app above, this will present you with the six Removal types (Consumed, Expired, Sold or Traded, Broken, Gifted, Delete). The functionality is the same as explained in the web app above.

Of course, you can remove a bottle by tapping into the label and selecting the Remove button that is just below the name. The remainder of the flow is identical to that explained above.

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