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How do I best use the Collection page?
How do I best use the Collection page?
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The Collection page is displayed in alphabetical order by default. Each wine label is listed that you have in your collection. On the default page, you will see a photo of the wine label, the Name of the Wine and the Region, Country that it is from. The vintage of that wine label will be next shown along with the varietal constituents associate with the wine. When available, we will show the market price for that wine along with how many bottles of that label you own.

Of note, if the market price (the price that bottle currently sells for) is not shown, you can manually enter it in. This will remain until we override it with a reliable market price that we obtain from a third-party source.

While the Collection page showcases the Wine Label, by clicking on any label, you can drill down into the actual bottles. This was necessary as you may have bottles of the same label and vintage but of different prices or bought from different locations at different times.

Once you enter the label view on the right-hand side, you can see more details of the wine. Here, you can also choose the gold Edit button to adjust the drink window if you feel that it was originally misrepresented. Note, you can also enter the Alcohol by Volume percentage (%ABV) if you choose.

Below, you will also find another Edit button whereby you can enter a market price that we did not originally show.

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