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How do I edit my drink window?
How do I edit my drink window?
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The drink window is a concept that attempts to find confine the optimal time during which the wine is best enjoyed. However, this approach often confines a wine between a set of arbitrary goal posts. Palates are diverse. Some people like to drink a wine when it is young and other find it more approachable with aged. Does a wine truly become “bad” if it is past its prime? As there is a lot of debate about this, we have done the work of pairing each wine with a drink window. However, we strongly encourage you to overwrite these if you feel that the wine’s life should be extended beyond what our algorithms have defined.

To adjust the drink window, you must first click into the label to show the label details on the right side. Scrolling down, you can find the drink window text box. Click on the gold edit pen to in order to alter the drink window range.

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