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How do I sign up for Prestige?
How do I sign up for Prestige?
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We offer every Collector a one-month free trial of Prestige to ensure that it is a product that is worthwhile for them. This occurs when you first sign up to your account. A pop-up notice will invite you to Prestige.

On the Mobile App, you will be required to enter your Apple ID, etc. as they require you to have your payment information on file. You of course can cancel at anytime. On the web app (see, you will not be required to put in your payment information at the outset and are only required to do this at the end of the free trial.

If you decide that you do not initially want to access the Prestige tier but then later decide that it is best suited for you, you always make the change.

On the mobile app, go to the Home Page and choose the “Special Features” section. Clicking on the first tile will bring you to a screen the allows you to try 1 month for free.

Of course, because it is Apple, you will be required to put your payment information in first.

On the web app, you can simply click on the Prestige icon that is midway down the left side menu. Once done, you can again read a bit of information about the paid tier and then choose to upgrade. At this point, the free tier does not come with a free one-month trial option.

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