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How do I move a bottle from one position to another?
How do I move a bottle from one position to another?
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While the goal of using VinLocate is to let bottle lay still without moving them until it is time to consume, on occasion, there may be a need to move a to new location.

To do this, you must first go the VinLocate tab which is on the left-hand menu bar for the web app or on the bottom right of the mobile app. Next, choose the bottle that you would like to move. A modal will open from the bottom and present several choices, one of which is to move the bottle. When selected, on the web app, you must next choose the section you want to move the bottle to. On the mobile app, you must first decide it you are moving the bottle to the same Section, or same Shelf, or to a different Section or Shelf. In either case, once you are presented with an empty spot, you can click on it to move the bottle to that location. If you click on a spot that already has a bottle in the spot, you will be asked if you then want to SWAP the locations.

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