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How do I print barcode labels on the web app?
How do I print barcode labels on the web app?
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Bar coding your bottles offers an easy method for keeping track of bottles you have removed from your cellar or fridge. Each bar code is unique and can be quickly printed on a Dymo printer (500 or 550T) with easy to order special sized labels. In respect of the labels size, we recommend 30320.

Printing bar codes can only be done by way of the web app (see To print off labels for all your bottles, you first must click on the Collection tab from the left sided menu bar. Then, at the top right, you will see the download button (an underlined, downward pointing arrow). Clicking on this will allow you to choose to Print barcodes. The modal that pops up shows you the number of labels that will be printed. It is very important that DYMO Web Service is running. If not, the labels won’t print. Once you have installed the Dymo software, it comes with Dymo Web Services. Make certain this service is launched prior to printing.

Instead of printing all the labels at once, you can use the Filter function to print out only a subset of labels. This works well when working through a fridge or a particular section of your cellar. Completing this is small chunks tends to make the job a bit more manageable.

You can also print out one label at a time. Go to any label in your collection that has been placed into a slot using VinLocate. Click on the label to get to the right sided Label Window view. Under bottles, you can see each bottle that you have of that label. Click on the bottle that you want to print a label. Now however next to the edit button (3 vertical dots) and you can find a Print Bar Code icon.

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