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I am unable to print to my Dymo printer. What can I do?
I am unable to print to my Dymo printer. What can I do?
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If you have a DYMO Label Writer printer, and are just setting it up or are having trouble getting it to work with InVintory, the following installation and troubleshooting guide should help get things working for you.


DYMO Connect Software v1.4.3 or higher is required to print labels. The DYMO Web Service is automatically installed with v1.4.3, and must be running on your local computer in order to enable printing.

Install the DYMO software

Please make sure you have the latest version of the DYMO Connect Software software for Windows or Mac installed on your system (currently v1.4.3 (Windows), v1.4.3 (Mac), and that it has been installed after you've installed the web browser you're using. The latest versions of the DYMO software are available for download here:


Verify the DYMO software works

For Mac users, please reboot your computer after installation. We've seen this to be a necessary step to get the DYMO Web Service running after a new install.

To make sure the printer itself is working correctly, try printing a test label from the DYMO Software. Open up the DYMO Connect software, select the label size installed in your printer, add some sample text, and try to print.

If it doesn't print, then you will need to work with DYMO support ( to troubleshoot. You can try re-installing the software and/or printer as first steps.

Verify the DYMO Web Service is configured properly

In order to print from InVintory, the DYMO Web Service must be installed and running on your local machine.

It is installed by default with DYMO Connect Software v1.4.3 and higher. To check whether it is running, look in the system tray (Windows) or system bar (Mac) for a small icon with the DYMO logo. If you click/right click it and select the Diagnose... option, the software will tell you whether it is properly installed and running. If it does not provide you with a "Congratulations!" message in your browser, you will need to contact DYMO Support for further assistance.

The DYMO Web Service icon looks like this:

NOTE: If you are on a Mac, and the automated troubleshooter is showing successful output, but nothing is printing, you are likely hitting some known issues with the DYMO software. Please be sure you have the latest v1.4.3 installed

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