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How do I print barcode labels on iOS?
How do I print barcode labels on iOS?
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AirPrint is now available on the iPhone and iPad apps! To print from web, please refer to this article.

Step 1: Buy Labels

Step 2: Load Label Paper into Printer

Step 3: Open the InVintory App and Go to Your Collection

Step 4: Tap the Multi Select Button

Step 5: Select All The Bottles You Want to Print and then Tap "More"

Step 6: Select "Print Labels"

Step 7: Select "30 Labels per sheet"

Step 8: Tap All The Cells You Don't Need

In this example, since we are only printing 3 bottle labels, only the top 3 are selected to continue with. All boxes will be auto selected, so tap on each to remove.

Step 9: Customize Your Label

Select the fields you would like to see printed.

Step 10: Approve Preview

Step 11: Adjust or Confirm Printing Settings & Print

Make sure you are connected to the right printer and adjust any printing settings.

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