All rent, salary or invoice payments can be scheduled as a One-Time payment or a Recurring payment that occurs on a weekly or monthly basis. Payments are scheduled based on the day your landlord, employee or supplier requires the funds. 

A One-Time payment is a single charge and the funds will reach your recipient on the payout date you selected.

A Recurring payment will automatically charge your card on the calculated date to ensure your recipient receives the funds on your selected payout date for the duration of your monthly or weekly payment cycle.

For example, if you schedule a recurring rent payment to be made to your landlord on the 18th of every month from January 2019 to January 2020, your card will be charged 1 business day before the 18th of the month. If the 18th falls on a non-business day (Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday), your charge date and payout date will automatically adjust so your landlord receives the funds the last business day before the due date. (e.g. 18 May falls on a Saturday, your landlord will receive the funds on Friday 17 May and your card will be charged on Thursday 16 May)

*Scheduled payments in Malaysia will be charged 5 business days before the funds are due to your landlord.

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