InvisiblePPC Client Onboarding Steps

The typical speed of onboarding is two - three weeks from onboarding form submission. The speed of onboarding relies on the client's ability to implement Google Tag Manager and fulfill the other requirements outlined below. Advertisers that have all requirements fulfilled prior to submitting the onboarding form could go live in as little as one week.

To help speed up this process, please read our Onboarding guide prior to onboarding your client.

  1. First, you or a representative of your agency must create a Google Tag Manager(GTM) account for your client and send the client the code and implementation instructions.  This is required even if you are ordering a landing page.
  2. Grant GTM access to the following email address.   For help, please check out our GTM Setup Instructions.

     3. Once the above two items are complete, you may complete and submit our New Client Onboarding Form.
        a). Please complete this form accurately and completely. If you are unsure of any                of the fields please confirm with your client prior to submitting the form

  1. IPPC will respond within 1 business day to confirm GTM code has been properly implemented.  
    a). It is at this point that you will be invoiced for the Onboarding Fee for your client.
  2. IPPC will implement all applicable tracking codes using GTM
  3. IPPC will verify all tracking codes are functioning properly and will request you to verify the tracking as well by following a few simple steps.
  4. IPPC will send you an email to schedule an Onboard Call only when ALL of the following items are complete:
     a). MCC or client account have been linked to our MCC
     b). Billing is set up in the AdWords account
     c). GTM has been implemented, ALL tracking codes have been verified by our team (we will also provide you instructions to test all codes in the email as well)
     d). If a landing page is ordered
            a). You've provided the CNAME URL
            b). Your proof has been completed and sent to you for review
  5. During the Onboarding Call we will discuss the following items:
      a). Review of the Onboarding Form fields
      b). Client expectations
      c). Questions/clarifications
      d). Go live date confirmation – go live date is typically 3-5 business days following the call.  If the build request is beyond our normal scope the turnaround time may be greater.  We do not launch accounts on Fridays.
  6. Following the onboarding call, our team will begin the campaign build process
  7. IPPC will notify you when your client's account is up and running.  
       a). It is at this point that you will be invoiced for the first month's Management Fee for your client.  Monthly Management Fee invoices will recur on the same calendar day each month.
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