InvisiblePPC is now utilizing Tag Manager (GTM) to apply our codes to your client's websites. GTM lets you launch new tags any time with a few clicks, so you never miss a measurement or marketing opportunity. This will simplify the work for you and your client. After the GTM code is created and implemented on your client's website InvisiblePPC will be able to implement, update, replace and troubleshoot all call tracking, remarketing and conversion tracking codes without any additional work on your part. You will be able to manage all your client's GTM account from the same login you use for your MCC.

 To make this happen, there are four items you are responsible for:

  1. Creating a GTM account for your client
  2. Getting the client to implement the Tag Manager code
  3. Providing InvisiblePPC to the client's GTM account
  4. Notifying InvisiblePPC when the GTM code has been implemented on the client's website

Please review this document completely. We recommend creating the GTM account and providing the codes even before filling out the Client Onboarding Form. This will give the client extra time to get the code implemented. The GTM code must be implemented on the client's website in order to be provided a link to schedule your Onboarding Call.

Create a Tag Manager Account

Video Steps:

  1. Log into your manager account and go to: 

2. Click Sign in to Tag Manager

3. Click Create Account

Enter your agency name as the Account Name (Company Name), share Data and click continue

4. Enter your client's name or website (without www.) in the Container name, select  "Web"under Where to Use Container and click Create.

a. You need one account per domain, use the root domain of the client in this step.
b. If the client is using a landing page and the url is, you will just used
c. If the client has multiple domains, you should set up multiple account

5. Click Yes to accept Google Tag Manager Terms of Service

Copy the Install Google Tag Manager implementation instructions and code, then send to the client for implementation.  

In order to avoid any issues with the code picking up formatting, please copy the code into a text editor, for sending to your client. It would be best to include the instructions in the text document that you send to your client (see example below). Then click OK

Add New Clients to Existing Tag Manager Account

1. Log into your Tag Manager account

2. Click the three dots on the right-hand side of the existing Tag Manager Account and select “Create Container”

a. Follow steps 3-7 above

Add InvisiblePPC to Access The Client

Grant InvisiblePPC access to the account you've created OR if your client already has GTM they can follow these steps to provide us access to their account.

a. Click the Accounts tab
b. Find the account you would like to give InvisiblePPC access to
c. Click the three dots in the right side of the header of the client
d. Select User Management

e. To add a new user, click the New button

f. Fill in the fields as follows:

     a. Email: 

     b. Account Permissions: Manage Account Users, Permissions, and Settings
     c. Container Permissions: View, Edit, and Publish
     d. Click the Add button

Notify InvisiblePPC When GTM Code Is Implemented

a. Notify when the client has implemented the GTM code

Google Resources:

Tag Manager Overview:

Before installation:

Setup and install Tag Manager:

Google Tag Manager and gtag.js (Global Site Tag)

Supported Tags:

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