Welcome to iQualify Build!

Here, you can create, review and publish courses to be used in your iQualify environment.

If this is your first time here, you may want to take a video tour which will give you an overview of iQualify and what it can offer your learners. You might also like to check out our YouTube channel to find out more about the features and roles in iQualify.

Our engagement cheatsheet will also give you an overview of the different learner engagement features available in Build.

With Build access comes the ability to 'Make a new course' and edit it at any time. Any new courses created are accessible in the 'Edit a course' tab. In Build, you own the content that you create. You will only see courses in this tab that you have created, or courses that you have been invited to collaborate on. Depending on your level of access, you can 'edit' or 'review' the course from this tab.

When you have finished creating a course, you can publish it. Once published, the course is no longer editable. So make sure you are happy with your course before clicking the 'Publish' button! Once published, the course will appear in the 'View published courses' tab in Build.

Again, you can only view published courses that you own, or are a collaborator on. 

The 'View published courses' tab gives you a view of all courses that you have published, or published courses that you have collaborated on. These published courses cannot be edited, however, they can be cloned and edited. Cloning and editing a course creates an exact copy of the published course, but the course is placed in the edit status. This allows you to make changes to the course and re-publish it as a new course. Re-publishing a course does not replace the original course that was cloned. Instead, it creates a new version entirely.

Here at iQualify, we hold the belief that courses should never be deleted. This is a dangerous practice, because it can't be undone! While you can't delete any courses that you build, you can archive them. The archive button is the file icon in the bottom right corner of the course card.

The 'Archive' tab holds any courses that have been placed in an archived state. This function allows you to clean-up the view of your build dashboard, and hide editing or published courses that you no longer wish to use. If you mistakenly archive a course, you can always un-archive from the 'Archive' tab.

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