As an author in Build, you can create a page discussion inside a unit in your course for learners to participate in. 

The learners in the course are posed a question which they can answer in a forum type environment. The page discussion is located at the bottom of the page, when enabled. Learners post their answer to the discussion question. The answers are visible to all learners in the course. Peer votes can be cast on the quality of the learner's answer.

How to:

To add a page discussion, navigate to the relevant unit from the content tab and click the Green + button. Select Preview/Edit from the drop down list.

Next to the unit title is a cog. Clicking this cog brings up an editable page settings dialogue box. Click on the Page discussion tab to create a discussion title and introduction.

Note: 'Enable in page discussion' must be ticked in order for learners to view and participate in the page discussion. 

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