What is Learning Tools Interoperability?

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a standard protocol used by
a large range of learning tools and systems that allows you to
integrate them into your courses. iQualify supports LTI 1.0 Basic.

By integrating tools that support the LTI standard you can provide a seamless user experience. Integrating using the LTI standard means when learners and facilitators launch the external tool from within their course, they are automatically registered and authenticated in the external tool.
Some examples of types of LTI tools:

  • specific learning objects (such as remote physics labs)

  • resource-libraries (such as e-books portals and video tutorial collections)

  • content delivery tools (such as video recording and
    presentation tools)

  • collaboration tools (such as video conferencing, virtual
    classrooms, interactive video commenting)

  • popular classroom repositories (such as OneNote, G Suite).

Benefits of connecting with external tools

There are all kinds of cool tools out there. Connecting external tools can considerably extend and enhance your learners’ experience and make your course standout from the crowd. 

Rather than spending time and money creating your own resources external tools can be a cost-effective way to enrich your course.

External learning tools enable you to:

  • leverage the huge potential of digital learning and collaboration tools

  • connect to real-world experiences, beyond the limits of the
    flat screen and physical location

  • promote student engagement through active tasks

  • meet special learner needs through assistive technologies

  • increase student engagement through innovative digital tools

  • enable deeper collaboration and connections

  • promote cooperative learning and inquiry-based learning.

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