How to create a page discussion

Course authors can add a discussion to a page so that learners can participate in a focused online dialogue relating to the content

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As an author in Create, you can create an in-page discussion for learners to participate in. 

The learners in the course are posed a question or discussion topic which they can answer in a page comment and reply discussion environment. The page discussion is located at the bottom of the page, when enabled. Learners post their reply to the discussion topic. The answers are visible to all learners in the course. Peer votes can be cast on a learner's answer.

How to:

To add a page discussion, go to the page where you want to enable or edit the discussion.

Within the main organise content area, select the relevant page where you want to add an in-page discussion. Click the Cog then select Preview/Edit from the dropdown list.

Once you are on the page, click the pencil icon beside the section title or the page settings button beside the publish button.

Screenshot of how to view page settings

Screenshot of how to view page settings

Either option brings up the edit page settings dialogue box. Click on the Page discussion tab to create or edit a discussion title and introduction.

Note: 'Enable in page discussion' must be switched on in order for learners to view and participate in the page discussion.

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