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Who is Iris Works?
Who is Iris Works?
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We believe in small businesses and we believe in collaborating and supporting one another in our community. We are a small business. We are proud of our size, and the personal relationships we are able to build because of it. We believe that by showing kindness and authenticity, we have the honor of creating valuable relationships with our customers.

We are photographers, too. We are passionate about the creation of art, and the creation of lasting photographs for our clients. At Iris Works, we want to help you develop your craft and grow professionally as a photographer.

We provide user-friendly tools and solutions that give you back the time you need, so you can focus on learning new skills and developing your current ones. Our all-in-one program provides tools to help you grow your business so you can succeed as a small business owner.

Iris Works was developed to focus on a studio's client. Everything in the program is based around the Client Profile. The reason for this is because everything we do as photographers is for our clients. We are a customer-focused industry and we need to operate our businesses this way.

You'll see that when you use Iris Works, you're continually focused on your client's needs and ensuring they are 100% satisfied with your service.

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