What is the Slate?

The Slate is a smart drawing tablet enabling you to use your own sheet of paper and your favourite drawing tool while a detailed copy of your drawing is digitized on a screen in realtime. The Slate has 32 magnetical sensors included which track the Ring's signals to show up your strokes.

It has been designed for all creative people who love using traditional pen and paper and for those who can't do without it. For everybody who wants to benefit from the power of digital features like saving, retouching, enhancing, sharing and more.

The Slate doesn’t replace your favorite tools – it enhances them with digital power by transferring your drawings, sketches, and notes to a digital medium. And, at the same time, you get to keep the paper version.
To stick with your favorite drawing tools, iskn invented the Ring, a magnetic device that makes all your favourite pencils and pens compatible with the Slate.

Which software do I need? 

1. Our Imagink drawing app

On the one hand we provide the Imagink app, for desktop, iPad/iPhone and compatible Android phones to digitize your paper drawings in realtime and high precision on your screen.
With Imagink you can use pencils, markers and pens, but also paintbrushes,or  3D airbrushes.
Imagink combines the user's needs with an amazing digital experience:

  • Change/alter the thickness, colour, and transparency of your lines
  • Share creations on social networks. You can export in different formats: PSD (Photoshop), SVG (Vector format), PNG, JPG
  • Watch and share playback videos of your creations as MP4 files: another feature exclusively provided by Imagink!

See for yourself:

2. The graphic tablet configurator

On the other hand we also offer the graphic tablet configurator for Mac and PC to use the Slate with your favourite drawing or notetaking apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Krita, Corel Draw, Inkscape, InDesign, GIMP, and many others!
We deisgned the Tip, our stylus. 

The following video shows how to use the Slate on Photoshop:

The Slate enables you to start drawing with your own tools and paper, continue your artwork on any other drawing software without changing the device.

Do I need a special type of paper on the Slate?

Use any kind of paper!
You can use any type of paper on your Slate. Use your favourite notebook (maximum thickness: 0.27 inches / 7 mm), a single sheet of any kind of paper, or even a sheet of newspaper – it works!

Tips for using notebooks:
For the best possible experience when using a notebook, make sure that the notebook lays flat on the Slate and doesn't contain any metal parts. A notebook or drawing pad with a top-bound cover is perfect.

For the moment, we don't offer the iskn notebook for sale yet. But you can use any paper on your Slate having a A5 format (148 x 210 mm or 5.83 x 8.27 inches) - drawing boards, reprographic paper, a piece of newspapers...

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