Made a mistake? No problem at all, there are three possibilities to erase along with your Slate:

Using a real eraser and the iskn Ring
In case you use a physical pen-type eraser, you just can put a Ring on it (subject to the condition that there are no magnetic elements included), and don't fotget to calibrate. Select in a second step the Eraser tool in the Imagink app and erase directly on your paper. You can adjust the eraser’s parameters (diameter, blurring) as you wish. The marks are erased on both your paper and the digital version of your drawing.

Using the eraser tool in Imagink on iPad/iPhpne/compatible Android smartphone
Select the Eraser tool from the Imagink app and erase unwanted marks on your screen by tactile input on your iPad or iPhone screen.

Using the Tip
The Tip has been designed to use the Slate as a graphics tablet but it can also be used to erase - but also again only on your screen, not on your paper. So it doesn't draw on your sheet of paper, but is recognized by the Slate and in Imagink thanks to the Ring that has been already fixed onto it. You now just need to select the eraser tool in Imagink and then you use the Tip: you "erase" the strokes you don't want on your paper (but as the Tip itself doesn't erase you just follow the lines you want to erase) and they will disappear on your screen in Imagink.

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