To connect your Slate to the iOS Imagink application:

  • Activate the Bluetooth of your iOS device
  • Launch the Imagink app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Keep every magnetic items at least 8 inches away (iPad, iPhone, computer, speakers, smart watches, headphones etc.)
  • Turn on your Slate and set it in Bluetooth mode by using the Power button (blue light breathing)
  • From the settings menu of the Imagink application, in the "Slate" panel click on "Connect a Slate" and select your Slate from the list as soon as it is detected
  • Please note that Imagink may need some seconds to detect your Slate once you establish a connection for the first time
  • Your Slate should now be connected

Tip: Once a first connection has been made on an iOS device, the Imagink application will automatically try to  connect to this specific Slate at startup.

Please get in touch with our customer care service in case you have any questions by starting a chat via the golden widget bottom right:

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