1. Remove all magnetic objects
  • Make sure all magnetic objects are at least 20cm or 8 in away from your Slate at the start or when you are using it. 
  • Make sure you never use the Slate on a metal surface (metal table or table with metal pieces) or close to magnetic objects (phones, speakers…) 
  • Never turn your Slate on with an iskn pen or ring on top or right next to it. 
  • The performance indicator in Imagink is here to inform you if certain objects are affecting the behavior of your Slate. 

2. Properly connect to Imagink 

Connect the Slate to my computer (Mac or PC) via USB: 

  • The Slate only connects to your computer via USB. 
  • Open the Imagink app, connect your Slate with the USB cable. Turn on your Slate with a long press on the Power button (next to the micro USB port): a white LED will turn on. 

Connect the Slate to my iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth. 

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your device and launch the Imagink app. 
  • Turn on your Slate with a long press on the Power button on the side and switch to the Bluetooth mode by pressing briefly on the Power button (the side LED turns blue).
  • Connect your Slate!

3. Calibrate my Ring every time I switch tools

Place the Ring properly:

  • Slide the ring onto your pen at approximately 4cm. 
  • Adjust the magnet to make sure it is perpendicular to your tool.

Calibrate the Ring:

  • Press and hold any of the top buttons of your Slate, a purple LED will turn on.
  • Place the tip of your pen on the center of your Slate and release the button once you’ve made contact. 
  • Don’t forget to renew this operation every time your switch tools. 

4. Only use ONE TOOL at a time

Only use one pen, pencil or felt tip at a time. You can never have more than one magnet (iskn pen or Ring) above the Slate to be able to draw.

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