Once you have finished your drawing in our Imagink app, you can export it in several different formats to edit it in other drawing softwares:

  • PNG : 2048 x 1536 px meaning for A5 in 300 PPI
  • JPG : 2048 x 1536 px meaning for A5 in 300 PPI
  • PSD : A5 in 300 PPI
  • SVG
  • MP4 : 1536 x 1152 meaning for A5 in 150 PPI

Please note that your strokes are not automatically converted into vectors in Imagink, you will need to save them as an SVG file.

With the help of the Graphic Tablet Mode of your Slate 2 and your Slate 2+, you can also make it compatible on your computer with your drawings or notetaking softwares as those from Adobe, GIMP, Krita, Corel Draw, InDesign, and so many others! You just need to download and install our Graphic Tablet Mode Configurator to activate it.

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