To explain you first of all how the Slate is supposed to work:

  • The front LED becomes white when the pencil is recognized by the Slate. 
  • It becomes pink as soon as strokes are recorded in Imagink.
  1. In case that you don't see the pink light, it will be in a first step necessary to check if your Slate is properly  connected to your device. Please find here the necessary steps to connect your Slate to your iPhone/iPad and PC/Mac. Find here more help how to connect a compatible Android smartphone.
  2. If you notice missing strokes, a stroke offset or inaccuracy problems when using your Slate, please make sure that all magnetic objects are at least 8 inches or 20 centimeters away when turning on your Slate (other iskn Pen or Ring, your PC/iOS devices, headphones, mobile phones etc...).
    Make sure that you are not using the Slate on a metallic surface (metal table or table with metal parts, including feet).

     When using your Slate, the iskn Ring onto your pencil or the iskn Pen should be        the only magnetic item near it.

3. If you are using a Ring-enhanced tool, check to make sure that the Ring is                    properly positioned on your tool:

If you still have troubles using your Slate, please contact us with the help of the little widget bottom right, we would be glad to help!

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