The performance indicator is a tool that keeps you informed about the optimal conditions of your Slate. 

First, make sure your Slate is connected to your device PC/Mac, iOS device and/or your Android Smartphone


  • When you use your Slate, make sure you are not on a table containing metal.
  • Be careful to never leave the iskn pens and rings on the Slate.
  • You must keep magnetic objecst at least 8 inches away from the Slate when in use.

You can check the status of the performance indicator of your Slate with this symbol: 

There are 3 possible statuses for this indicator:  

  • The performance indicator color is green – Optimal State:

The performance of your Slate is optimal, you can draw without worry! 

  • The performance indicator color is red – Critical State:

The performance of your Slate is critical. In order to remedy this situation, you simply need to make the "Okay" gesture.
To do this, make a smooth, wide O, above the Slate, with your pen or pencil equipped with the iskn ring, until the indicator becomes green again. 

  • The performance indicator color is gray – Pen Not Detected

This means that your pen is no longer detected by the Slate.

   - Make sure you are not using the Slate on a metal surface (metal table or a table with metal parts, including the legs).

   - Remove any magnetic objects that could disrupt the functioning of your Slate, such as other iskn pens and rings, a mobile phone, computer and tablet, speaker, headset, etc

   -   To fix it, simply hover over your Slate making large circles. When the indicator returns green again, you're all ready! 

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