Using Repaper & Stylus, you can work in graphics tablet mode, and enhance your creations with drawing software such as Photoshop©, Illustrator©, Gimp©, Affinity©, Inkscape©, InDesign© or CorelDRAW©.


No need to use paper and pencil. Draw directly on the surface of Repaper or The Slate with the iskn stylus: it replaces your computer mouse.

How do you activate and use Repaper & Stylus?

✅ Turn on and connect the iskn tablet to your computer via the micro USB cable supplied:



✅ Go to the Repaper Studio application. On the home page, click on "CONFIGURE":


✅ Configure the graphics tablet mode:

  • "Enable Digital Tab": activate the graphics tablet mode here. Once this mode is activated, the option will remain selected by default.
  • Select the size of the active area of your iskn tablet (small, medium or large).
  • Once you have set these options, click on "Save Settings".

👉 Good to know :
Graphics tablet mode is not compatible with Repaper & Screen.


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